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The Greater Manchester STEM Centre

Promoting STEM subjects

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The Greater Manchester STEM Centre
operates as SETPOINT Greater Manchester;
a registered Educational Charity (registration number 1040251).

STEM  =  Science,Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

We are dedicated to promoting activities that enthuse and excite young people's interest and potential careers in science and technology. 

Starting in 1992 we have grown year on year.  Annually we have engaged with over:

  1. 50,000 pupils
  2. 1,000 teachers and
  3. 550 schools

directly in our activities in the Greater Manchester area. We believe it is particularly important for learners and education to engage with industry and to involve their employees in our work. We believe young people need to meet practising Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathematicians who are steeped in real examples of 'STEM' in action bringing reality to the classroom.


We collaborate and work with:

  • all of the national and regional agencies that promote STEM 
  • major companies and
  • the professional and engineering institutions such as the IET and IMechE

to develop our activities  and ensure they are a fundamental element in the 21st century

Importantly - we are recognised by Government Departments and Agencies ...

and the professional institutions for the expertise we have. 

North West Learning Centre

We were a co-founding applicant in this Learning Centre along with Manchester Metropolitan University and St Martin's College of Higher Education (now part of the University of Cumbria). We are hosted at the University of Salford and offer an extensive programme of courses for young people, teachers and technicians, promoting interest in Science and Technology. Many local Schools are very familiar with our CLEAPSS lead courses for technicians.


We offer a number of national programmes such as:

  • Science and Technology Clubs and other schemes to interest and intrigue young learners

Continually seeking to support, develop and extend many local / regional / national programmes, which we believe are attractive to companies / organisations.  Please help us to extend our contacts with companies and organisations wanting to develop their social and community engagement programmes. 


We run special events for organisations such as Engineering Your Future and a Christmas Lecture on behalf of the Institution for Engineering and Technology.