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Tipper Trucks


Activity content:  Very suitable for pupils working in pairs

Suitable for years 4 – 8 Taking Approx. 2 – 2 ½ hours 

We discuss some of the properties of air; it is all around us; we can feel the wind; see its effects on trees etc. We use a pair of connected syringes to show that air can be squashed and that they can be used to transfer a force from one place to another. We explain the use of pneumatics in automatic doors. Real tipper trucks use a liquid instead of air, but we shall use air to make a tipping mechanism. The children build a model tipper truck and are then invited to design a cab to protect the driver  The children can design and make their own special bodywork, limited only by their imagination.

The session concentrates on QCA D & T unit 3C

linking it to Science: forces.


Design & Technology, Science

The session will:

  • Provide the experience of making a simple pneumatically operated truck
  • Develop practical skills in assembling the truck
  • Provide opportunity to use knowledge from the National Curriculum in Science

Objectives are to:

  • acquire the construction and assembly  skills required to make the vehicle
  • learn new vocabulary related to the activity
  • evaluate the model
  • suggest modifications, to make and test them
  • add bodywork of their own design to the model

We provide:

  • Tuition for a half day session with your classA set of models (normally one between two pupils)
  • Work books for pupils’ use - Ideas for extending the session afterwards, incorporating elements of the National Curriculum in Science and Mathematics
  • A list of spares together with a supplier’s address from whom the school can replenish consumables

We will bring:

  • Boards to protect your tables
  • Our pre-packed kits for your pupils
  • Simple hand tools