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Textile Mechanism


Activity content:

Suitable for years 5 8

Taking up to 3 Hrs depending on ability

Pupils use a battery operated wagging tail mechanism to produce either a tail wagging fish or a nodding cat, both are made of felt. Pupils with limited sewing skills would benefit by having an extra adult in the classroom to help them.

At the end of the session the pupils will be able to decorate their animal using sequins, fabric pens, embroidery and simple collage etc.

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Design & Technology

The pupils will:

  • Make a textile product by joining pieces of fabric
  • Use simple joining techniques for felt
  • Use simple patterns /templates
  • Gain an understanding that products can be driven by electricity
  • Develop making and finishing skills to enhance the end product


The pupils will have:

  • Learned simple sewing techniques for joining fabric
  • Used simple patterns/templates
  • Gained an understanding of how products can be powered by electricity
  • Developed making and finishing skills to enhance the end product
  • Successfully made a moving animal to a good standard