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Go4SET CREST Briefing 2016


Please note that the details on this page apply for Go4SET teams, teachers, engineers and mentors working in the Manchester hub. If you are not in this hub, please contact us and we´ll redirect you.


This page is designed as a basic guide to what you need to do to manage CREST Awards associated with a Go4SET project. The team guide and teacher guide give you the full information to support you during the project. Both of these will also be helpful to partner engineers and mentors. The team and teacher guides are complementary – information is not duplicated between the two, so the teacher guide contains extra information, and teachers need to read both.


At the beginning of the project:


You must register your project(s) using one of our two options, which you can find on GM STEM Go4SET – click on the Go4SET tab for instructions.


Before the Celebration and Assessment Day (CAD):


Early in the project, please encourage students to read the team guide. When they are writing the report, please encourage them to look at the example personal appendix included in it. Please also encourage them to use the Go4SET CREST checklist to help them to write their report – teams that use it properly always produce better reports.


By the appropriate EDT deadline, send us electronic copies of:

  • your project report, including a personal appendix for each student 
  • your Go4SET CREST checklist

The email address for submissions is: David Ward

If we do not receive these documents by the deadline, we may not complete assessment of your project at the CAD. This will create work for you and delay the outcome, potentially into September.


You can find all the documents (Word .doc or .docx) you need here (Right click and 'Save As'):

At the Celebration and Assessment Day:


We hope to join you for this event, and to conduct assessments on the day. This means we will come and question your teams about their project, around their presentation and the EDT assessors’ visit to their stand. If this arrangement changes, we will let you know in good time.

If you have any questions, at any time, please contact us. The most reliable way to get in touch is via email to the address below.

phone      0161 295 6374

email       David Ward