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Cars & Trucks 
                                      Pupils work well in pairs

Activity content:

Suitable for years 4 – 8 Taking Approx. 2 – 2 ½ hours

Image showing the Tipper (or Dumper) Truck version - with the pneumatic adaptation

Design & Technology, Science

The session will:

  • Provide the experience of making a simple moving vehicle
  • Develop practical skills in assembling the vehicle
  • Provide opportunity to use knowledge from the National Curriculum in Science.


  • To acquire the construction and assembly skills required to make the vehicle
  • To learn new vocabulary related to the activity
  • To evaluate the model
  • To suggest modifications, to make and test them
  • To make electrical connections to the motor and batteryTo add bodywork of their own design to the model.

To make cars that sell well car manufacturers use design engineers to make exciting differences between car models. Despite this cars many share common components: the chassis, engine, gearbox and floor pan; and even simpler items such as switches and instruments.

Each manufacturer designs its own distinctive bodywork and following this industry practice, the children build a model car with a common chassis, wheels and electric motor.

The children can later design and make their own special bodywork, converting them to cars, trucks or vans, limited only by their imagination.

Adaptations allow extra design during our session adding in a pnuematically operated dumper truck front bucket using two syringes connected with a length of plastics or rubberised tubing.

The session concentrates on

QCA D & T unit 6D linking it

to Science and Mathematics

We provide:

  • Tuition for a half day session with your class
  • A set of models (normally one between two pupils)
  • Work books for pupils’ use - Ideas for extending the session afterwards, incorporating elements of the National Curriculum in Science and Mathematics
  • A list of spares together with a supplier’s address from whom the school can replenish consumables

We will bring:
  • Boards to protect your desks / tables
  • Our pre-packed kits for your pupils
  • Simple hand tools
If you require further information or to book a session please contact us: Tel 0161 295 6374 or email