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CREST Awards (11-19 year olds)                                                                                        


CREST is a project-based awards scheme for the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). It links the personal passions of students to curriculum-based learning.

In the last year alone over 28,000 CREST Awards have been undertaken – giving 11-19 year old students opportunities to explore real world projects in an exciting way.

UCAS endorse CREST Awards for inclusion in students’ personal statements – they’re well regarded, high-quality and a tangible recognition of success.

CREST can link into work experience placements, after-schools clubs or numerous linked schemes. Students can investigate or design and make, research a subject, or design a science communication project.


CREST Award levels


There are five levels of CREST Awards - the obvious three:


The levels are progressively more complex and challenging, but can be awarded separately at any stage:

Bronze Awards are assessed internally by another teacher or leader from the school.

Bronze Awards focus on fun, teamwork and transferable skills. They are typically completed by 11-14 year old students. Around 10 hours of project work is expected. Students experience the project process; improving their skills in enquiry and problem solving and communicating.

CREST bronze is also validated as 10 hours towards the Children's University Passport to Learning.

The Silver and Gold CREST Awards are assessed externally, which will be arranged by your local CREST Coordinator.


Silver CREST Awards

Stretch students and enrich their studies.  They are typically completed by 14-16 year old students and they take around 30 hours of project work.  Suitable coursework (for example: GCSE Design and Technology) might be used from work related learning, and new Diplomas could be used to achieve a CREST Silver Award. 

CREST Silver is also validated as 20 hours towards the Children's University Passport to Learning.


Gold CREST Awards

Allow the most able students to conduct some real research. They are typically completed between the ages of 16 and 19 years old; these longer-term projects require around 70 hours work.  Suitable coursework or project work for the new Diplomas and the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) can achieve CREST Gold Awards.

Juniors start with the CREST STAR award

Other options include the Challenges

Step 1.   Choosing a Project


There are three categories

  • Research
  • Investigation/Design and Make
  • Science Communication


Step 2.

Contact your local coordinator for Greater Manchester - David Ward

or phone 0161 295 2602


For more information and loads of ideas and free resources visit